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A few years ago having your own holiday rental  website might have been a luxury.

Now it is an essential so that you can build your business on your own ground.

Here are six reasons why you need to have your own website for your holiday rental, self catering cottage, B&B, villa or serviced accommodation.

1. A website is owned by you

Listing on the big online travel agents websites (like Airbnb and Bookingdotcom) is a great way to get your holiday rental in front of lots of potential guests from the beginning. But it comes with a cost. And that cost can be increased or changed at any time. 

Your booking conditions can also be changed at any time which means you don’t have any control in running your own business. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. With your own holiday rental website you will have your own way of generating direct bookings without having to pay commissions.

By not having a website yourself, you are also building your business on someone else’s ground. Your own holiday rental website is yours. It is owned by you. No one else. You make the rules and can run your business the way you want to.

2. A website builds Credibility

Having your own holiday rental website establishes credibility and trust with potential guests so that they are more likely to book direct with you. A professional, well designed site shows you are a serious business.

3. A website allows you to Provide the content you know your guests want

You know what your guests want and what questions they might have. Having your own holiday rental website means that you are able to answer those questions and give guests what they want so they will book with you.

You know that location is key to attracting potential guests. When you have your own website for your holiday rental then you are able to shout about your local area. Your website could become the definitive guide for your town showcasing local restaurants, pubs and activities for guests to enjoy. You can recommend other local companies and even team up with them to offer exciting packages for your guests. 

4. A website is A SPACE WIthout COMPETITORS

When you are only advertising on listing sites then you will be more likely to be forced to compete by price. Trying to stand out in a list of similar properties where the guest is probably looking for the cheapest option is not a viable business strategy nor would be it be good for your wellbeing in the long term. 

You have created a holiday rental that you love and are proud to show off so don’t give it away too cheaply. By having your own website you have no one else to compete with. You have the space to show your value for money and why your previous guests have loved staying with you.

5. A website provides the data for you to make strategic decisions

Website analytics allow you to see who is visiting your site. You can have all the data at your fingertips to help you make strategic decisions. You can relax in knowing that your own holiday rental website is working for you and you alone. What better feeling could there be to wake up and find a new direct booking or two in your inbox?

6. A website Gets you found on Google

SEO (search engine optimisation) allows your website to show up on Google. When a potential guest is searching for accommodation in your area or for a holiday cottage with your features then you want to be top of that list. Having your own website will allow you to use keywords that will help you move up the list in Google to attract potential guests.

Time to take the plunge and create your own holiday rental website

Having your own website for your holiday rental, villa, self catering cottage, B&B or serviced accommodation is pretty much a given these days. Your website is your online shopfront open 24/7 and taking commission-free direct bookings. Ready to showcase your business without the competition? It’s time to take the plunge.

Send me an email and let’s chat.  We can set up a call to discuss how I can make your holiday rental website become a reality so you can start attracting those all important direct bookings. Email me now.

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