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I empower hospitality owners to achieve more direct bookings

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Are you an owner of a holiday rental?
Villa? Serviced apartment? BnB?

Tired of spending so much money in commissions to the big OTAs?

Do you feel frustrated with having to live by someone's rules?

I can help you.


I help you to build your holiday rental business on your own ground, with a direct booking website and bespoke branding, so that you don’t have to rely completely on the online travel agents. And I don’t leave you there, I teach you how to effectively marketing your holiday rental business with one-to-one coaching to attract those all-important direct bookings.


Because I’ve been there.

Hi. I’m Jenn Boyles a fellow holiday rental owner and graphic designer.

I grew up in Canada around the hospitality industry. My dad worked as a hotel General Manager and my first job was in a hotel laundry room. So, from a very young age, I witnessed the workings of the industry from the inside.

Having left Canada in 2002, I have owned and managed four different holiday lets with my husband in both the UK and continental Europe.


We started out with a listing on Airbnb of a two-bed apartment we owned in the Alps. When it was rented out in hours, we knew we were onto something. Then we moved on to apartment we owned in another country and Airbnb worked for us again.

Selling both properties allowed us to buy a large five-bed chalet in Austria. There was a lot of competition, and we started listing with other OTAs (online travel agents) for bookings. But we also had returning guests from the previous owner which was pure gold!

It showed us that we could increase our bottom line by having guests book with us directly. We could also set up our own terms and conditions instead of living with the OTA’s rules.

This started us on another path as we looked into ways to achieve direct bookings with new guests.


When we moved back to the UK – now living in North West England – we decided to start a holiday let business using all the knowledge that we had picked up over the years. While starting this new business, I divided my time between it and my other work as a graphic designer.

With more than 20 years as a graphic designer working with clients in the UK, Canada, the United States and Europe, I decided to combine the two parts of my working life. I want to help other hospitality owners achieve more direct bookings. I use and teach my clients to use the skills and strategies that I have learned so that they don’t have to rely on the middle man (the OTAs).

Welcome to JB Direction & Design. Where I focus on kick-ass website design with bespoke branding and digital marketing coaching for the hospitality industry. I help you create a strong business on your own terms. 

With my help, your holiday rental business can compete and succeed.

Ready? Email me today and let’s get started!



Logo design, websites, marketing, brochures
Beach holiday at the sunny seaside
Branding for a multi-property holiday rental business
Website design for holiday rental business in Northern Ireland
Marketing postcard
Two-sided marketing postcard for The Liverpool Boat
Bespoke logo design mug
Branding created for holiday rental in Austria
Having worked with Jenn on a number of publishing projects, I can say with confidence that she is the person I would want at my side in any venture that involves design and branding. Hugely creative and collaborative, she is easy to work with and always ready to embrace new ideas. She is innovative and inventive, and combines her valuable experience with a talent for finding a fresh approach to anything she undertakes.
Patricia Kelly
Managing Director at CMDR Media & Communications
Jenn sees the whole picture! Over the years, she has helped us to overcome any challenges we faced and was always coming up with options for us to stay current. Besides being extremely creative, one of her (many) notable strengths was the consistency in all multi-channel messaging. I'm happy to have worked with Jenn, and I recommend her to others looking for strategic and creative communication services.
Krista Walsh
Global External Corporate Communications Specialist at Volvo Construction Equipment
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